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    OK, I've tried all the little TapNCall, MarkNDial, TreoSelecText variants. They all don't really help.

    Here's one feature PalmOne should have built in to the Treo 650, and I'm not sure why they didn't. The app shouldn't be to hard to do. Specifically:

    In the Memopad, Todo List, and Calendar apps, all phone numbers and URLs should be clickable. That should automatically dial the number or go to the web page.

    If that's too hard, why not make a text selection app that comes close; I hit one button and it scans the current field for any phone number and/or URL and automatically dials it. TreoSelecText comes closest, but still requires 6 keystrokes to actuall dial the number in question (point to the end of it, back over the number one number-set at a time, dial it, click "OK" to dial). None of this is possible while driving -- a one click dial would be.

    Any takers out there or anybody know of an app that already does this?
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    You're right- it is a mistake on the part of Palm to not have developed this capability into the OS considering that it is a PDA phone- go figure!

    I had the same thought with my 600 and worked with Shimon Shnitzer or TakePhone fame to develop the first app to really address this issue among other ones as well. The resulting app, named 2Day!, is designed specifically to do one handed dialing, addressing and opening of URL's from the ToDo, Calendar and various other apps within the context of today.

    The second app I use, FieldsPlus, is for just about everything else- like the memo pad.

    This combination of apps works great and overcomes many of the usability mistakes of Palm.
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    Hm. OK, add 2day and FieldsPlus to the list of apps I've checked out. Still not the simplicity I'm looking for.

    I just want one click dialing of phone numbers from MemoPad or the Calendar, either by underlining them and activating them as links like Blazer does, or by having a "scan whole field, find phone number and dial it". All the apps do to many other things, which then requires 6-7 clicks to actually dial from Datebook, Task List, or Memopad.

    I'm surprised nobody's done a one-click app - I did a search and found that there's a thread every week or so with somebody looking for that capability. All of them assume that you're sitting with both hands on your phone, rather than driving or running to a meeting. I can't fiddle with my phone for 6 clicks and look at the interface while I'm driving.

    Here's a quick & dirty spec for the "Dream App":
    1. When an Alert comes up, if it contains a phone number, add a "Dial" option at the button of the alert which dials the number.
    2. When displaying text in Datebook (or DateBk5 or Agendus), Memopad, or the Task List, underline phone numbers. If somebody clicks on it, dial that number.
    3. Alternatively, if that is too resource intensive, make a one or two keyboard stroke command (Shift Center?) that automatically detects the phone number in the current field and dials it.

    Any takers? I'm a buyer...
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    Nothing's perfect in a world of imperfection.

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