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    For those that haven't seen the TomTom MOBILE 5 product, go to TomTom website and change the language from their command bar to UK English.

    There isn't much detail, but it looks really sweet. It looks like Navigator with contacts integration and a new smaller GPS receiver. There's no mention of the product on the US TomTom site, so I asked TomTom customer service:

    Is there going to be a United States version of TomTom MOBILE 5? And if there is, will the United States version be released along side the European version in the spring of 2005?

    And they responded:

    Dear <removed>,

    For now we cannot confirm if/when TomTom Mobile will be released to the US market. We suggest keeping in contact with for further information.

    Kind Regards,

    TomTom USA Customer Service

    Not too much help, but I don't see what would stop them from offering it in the US.
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    Looks interesting, but I didn't see any mention of address book integration. I didn't see much in terms of new features compared to the 4.x versions, either, except maybe the mobile map download feature. But details on that are pretty sketchy as well.

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