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    I have the Seidio 2500 GPS car kit and am looking for advice on the best GPS software to buy for my Treo 600. I've kind of narrowed it down to Mapopolis and Tomtom Navigator 2004. I expect that I'll be using the arrow guides most of all, yet neither product offers a screen view of just the arrows, do they? Which do you folks recommend? Also, does Tomtom do automatic route recalculation if I miss a turn? Thanks for the help!

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    I have just bought Mapopolis for the Toronto Ontario area and I am happy with it. It does recalculations very well. I have not been able to get the directions to enlarge but then I have only had it for three days.
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    Do a search for "TomTom" and "Mapopolis" and you'll find 5 or 6 threads of this exact question. The short version is that Mapopolis was great until TomTom came out, and TomTom is now light years ahead. Somebody managed to get TomTom working on the Treo 600 (though most of us didn't think it was possible) and it appears to be pretty good.

    Rerouting is TomTom's strong suit. Mapopolis can take 30 seconds - 5 minutes to look up destinations and to reroute; TomTom generally does everything in less than a second.
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    What is Tom Tom?
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    I prefer TomTom...
    While TomTom says that it is not supported on the 600, a couple of us have it working well with the Seidio 2500. I believe we both have the tomtom t5/650 update installed which improves the stability. I haven't actually ever had a reset. The only time you really get soft device resets is when you exit TomTom while in an active navigation (or possibly answer the phone?) - if you clear the route then exit, you won't reset - at least in my experience. Also, the 3D view of TomTom is great. Automatic route recalculation is almost instantaneous! very cool.


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