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    After applying ROM #3 update, now my speakerphone & ear volume SUCKS big time.

    There has got to be something inherent in the flash for later versions of the Sprint phone!

    Shadowmite, please investigate.

    I am NOW thoroughly pissed because I bought my phone off Ebay and don't think I can return.

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    sorry to hear that...

    keep in mind shadowmite did not create the sound patch, it is a leaked patch from palmone. Chances are he can't help you. You should probably follow the directions at shadowmite's site to restore your phone to original. Remember anytime you hack your phone it is a gamble. Results with the sound patch as posted here have been inconsistent. It helped with mine but others such as yourself it did not.

    good luck
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    How will the ROM restore affect a Verizonified 650? Will I need to do BitPim, etc?
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    can't help you there
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    Does anyone know if applying the Original Restoration ROM on a verizonified 650 will require me to have to re-Verizonify my Sprint 650?

    Thanks in advance
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    My guess would be yea
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    I am really hoping that someone can give me a definite answer before I do this.

    Shadowmite, somebody, anybody that KNOWS FOR SURE, plz HELP ME!


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