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    I like the idea of a visor mount unit for general usage in the vehicle (even though it dupes my existing OnStar phone) but would also like to have an earpice for when away from the car or where a private conversation is warranted. Seen the Gold Lantern recommended here for the former. Questions:

    1. Any issues with two devices and swithing from one to the other.

    2. Has anyone used the Gold Lantern Microtalk BT Headset or the G-Lite.

    It woud seem two devcies from the same outfit would minimize compatability issues or at least etch support issues ..... that way one outfit can't blame the other guy for problems.

    I wish somebody would figure out how to tie in a Treo to OnStar's GPS and in car audio functions.
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    I tried to set up a Plantronics 2500 and a Moto 810 at the same time and had huge issues. It seemed that the phone 'defaulted' to the 810 (because it worked more often). I could see the 2500 listed as a 'trusted device' but I would have to re-pair it to the 650 each time to get it to work. I eventually dropped both of these units and opted for the Sony 660, which works great.

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