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    This site - - is currently selling Piel Frama cases for the Treo 650 for $32.99. Sounds WAY too good to be true. Has anyone purchased anything from them? I'm just skeptical that anyone can offer an $80 case for so little...
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    I've gotten stuff from them before through Amazon, and the two times I've ordered, they got both orders wrong. They/Amazon resolved both orders quickly, but I wouldn't trust them again.
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    iomatic - What exactly happened - did they send you the wrong item? When you did receive the correct item, was it as described? I might take a chance and order, I just want to make sure that A) they won't take the $ and run, or B) they don't send me an imitation case.
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    I have ordered from them. I just received my Innopocket case from them. New in orginal package quick shipping. I love my case. $15.99 compared to $34.99
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    I have ordered from them multiple times. They are awesome. I have never had a problem. Every shipment I've made has arrived two days later. Great products everything is brand new. And you can use PAYPAL!!!
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    I had ordered the Piel Frama case from them for that amount. Arrived quickly with no problems at all.

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