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    I've been searching the net and threads for 2 hours. Which is the best virtual memory management utility?


    From what I'm reading MemoryJack may be the only one that really works the way I want it to. Or am I SOL and none of them really work?

    I don't want to install a 'launcher' like zLauncher, that doesn't interest me. What I need is to expand the Treo 650's memory with the card. I want to move large databases to the card so they act like they are in RAM, and to put some large apps there so that I can map my hard buttons to the apps (must be in RAM to map to the hard buttons.)

    Last night I ran out of memory. I was shocked to find out Docs To Go was hanginging on to downloaded documents in memory, but wasn't showing them on the list (I couldn't see or delete them.) They were basically lost in RAM (5 MB of them.)
    After trying to remove Docs to Go my 650 entered an endless reset cycle and had to hard-factory reset it and re-install everything, which wasn't such a big deal since I've been doing that a lot lately trying to figure out what I really do and don't need (to keep enough free RAM.) I've decided I don't need DTG and won't re-install it.
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    MemoryJack is currently in testing just for the T600, not for the T650 yet
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