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    Some Treo security programs, mSafe ( and the soon-to-be released Devguard ( have a feature that causes the Treo to lock when the wireless signal is lost.

    I'm curious about why this feature is included. Why would somebody want their Treo 600/650 to lock automatically when the wireless signal is lost -- for example, when you drive into a garage or ride in an elevator?

    (Because the Treo 650's built in security app doesn't work, having a additional way of locking the 650 might be helpful, but I'm sure that this feature wasn't included in anticipation of a bug in the Treo 650's security application.)
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    I asked the same question when they added this 'feature' to an earlier version of mSafe and it was not toggleable. They did it for CDMA folks who do not have removable SIMs. Supposedly they got requests for this feature to be added. MotionApps issued a new version of mSafe with a toggle on this feature. I have a GSM T650 and do not use this feature for the reasons you allude to. However if someone power-cycles the radio or removes the SIM, it will lock my Treo under mSafe.

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