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    Ok I have Quicksheet to synch with Excel now.. It works well so far. This is probably a silly question but what Palm software would one use to synch with Word? I'm assuming that there is an app somewhere that automatically converts between Word and Doc format allowing editing etc on the VDx. I suppose it will also include a conduit. Any ideas?

    Silly Visor newbies..

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    Damn.. I thought I was in the Software forum. My apologies admins.

    Damn message board newbies....

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    There are a few ways. The most complete solution out there is TakeNote ( which has a good DOC format (the standard format for Palms)reader and editor as well as a conduit for MS Word. Unfortunately, TakeNote is $39.95 shareware.

    Another solution is to get a DOC/Reader editor like SmartDoc ($12.95 -- and a converter to convert Word files into Doc files - a good one is WordDocConverter ( which integrates into Word quite nicely as three icons (for converting Word to Doc, Doc to Word, and another icon for opening Palm Desktop).

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    Thanks for the helpful post. Right now I've been using Docs to Go as a conduit and SmartDoc as an editior. It's a little disappointing that Docs to Go cannot edit. I think it should for the price. SmartDoc seems to be a pretty powerful Doc reader/editor.

    I'll take a look at that TakeNote proggie that you mentioned. Although the price is also steep, I don't mind if it merges as seemlessly as Quicksheet does with Excel and if it's a useful editor. An all-in-one app would be worth it.

    I must say I really enjoy this message board. Everyone seems eager to help and there are some fantastic ideas floating around here. (If only we could get people to post topics in the correct forums...haha)

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    What do you mean by 'syncing' Word docs? There are a LOT of ways to get them ONTO the visor, but *NO* conduits or other automated ways to update the Word doc on your desktop based on changes you make on the visor. I also use SmartDoc to edit DOC files on my Visor, and PalmDocs (from to let me save from Word docs into palm DOC format or load DOC files I modified on my visor back into Word. Unfortunately, there is still no conduit for Word docs like Quicksheet's Excel conduit.
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    TakeNote has a conduit for txt files. It's not Word, but it works pretty well.

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    Yes what I meant by "synching" is an app that updates Word files on the desktop to match the edits made on the Visor and vise versa a'la QuickSheet. Shame that there is nothing available like that. Don't you find that odd?

    Sounds like a good idea for you Palm OS programmers out there. I would have thought that this type of application would be even more in demand than one that does the same for spreadsheets.... Guess not.


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    Originally posted by Arker:
    I would have thought that this type of application would be even more in demand than one that does the same for spreadsheets.... Guess not.
    There is could just be that the Palm development tools or expertise to do this aren't quite...there yet. Anything is possible given the right tool for the right job :-)

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