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    I'm curious to know if anyone has used the new bluetooth headset that Sprint Stores are now selling (at least I think its new). It's 1.1 compatible and 1.2 capable (which does us no good). It's got an extendable boom and looks interesting. I'm curious to know how it fits and what the connection time is like on incoming calls, as well as the sound quality on both ends.
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    Yes. I tried it. It's probably one of the WORST headsets outthere. Don't waste your time or money.

    Additionally I've tried the Plantronics 2500, far better than the Body Glove, but very subject to picking up background noise, the Sony HBD-300 - Excellent Sound Quality, but with a boom mike and now I'm using the Motorola 820. I like the 820 a lot, but with any of them - get, without a moment's of hesitation - BTMute. A $5 software program that fixes a bug on the Treo 650 that lowers the volume by half.

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    I have a Plantronics M3000 and it is te best BT headset I have tested. great volume, very clear, handsfree profile and works great with the Treo 650. I also got it on for only $35.00!!

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