Dear GSM Treo Roadshow attendee

We've started to get our first GSM Treos, however the first shipment we received of 50 are specific to Cingular only (will not work with AT&T Wireless SIM card either). Since at the time of the roadshow we could not ask if your carrier was Cingular, we need to know if that will work for you.

Please reply to us with one of the following responses.

Yes, please send me the Cingular specific Treo 650.
No, I must have an unlocked model and will wait until they arrive.

We hope to get the unlocked GSM phones shortly, but do not have a specific date yet that we can commit they will be available. For those of you wishing to wait for the GSM unlocked version, your order will remain in the queue and you will maintain your position for fulfillment based on purchase orders first-in, first-out.

palmOne Demo Services team