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    I was having problems with VersaMail, so I bought Snapper and love it. But now I find that I'm stuck with VersaMail because I can't delete it (or a bunch of other factory installed programs that I don't want!) I'm now running out of space and would love to get rid of the things I'm not using. Any hints?
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    No. But you can remove it from the rom by going to

    But if you have Cingular you cant do this.

    VersaGarbage sucks.

    Snapper is good as well as Chatter
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    Versamail is in ROM and cannot be deleted. It's also not taking up any space since it's in ROM... apps like Snapper are stored in RAM.
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    thanks MarkEagle...i feel better knowing it's not taking up "real" space...

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