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    What's taking so long!!!
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    am bored.....where's the hero from the future now?
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    More painless, yea right. Let's see, your painless method involves carrying an extra phone and swapping between them, yea, sure, painless...

    I give up, I'm sick and tired of people taking my help for granted and insulting it the next day. I quit. Everyone here at TreoCentral, goodluck, I'm gone.
    ...and now back to the Future!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolwol
    am bored.....where's the hero from the future now?
    see my avatar
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    You know you are appreciated, especially by the Redvines people :-). Keep a sense of humor and ignore the tardanic folks like Treominator.

    I know it gets you all wet seeing the fuss you cause over a FREE download. If you disagree, I'm sure the folks at JuneFabrics will be glad to sell you PDANet.

    Now you can run along and continue sticking you SIM in your wife, I mean your hand.
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    Hmmm...just my two cents worth, but I don't think Treominators initial postings were wrong (he did edit the first post, so maybe there was something there.) Just trying to be objective, it seems Shadow took his original comments a little too personally. From there it just escalated. But at any rate, I think Shadows leaving (if he does indeed stay away) is more a result of all the negative posts, and not this one in particular. Maybe this one just happened to be the final straw.

    Too bad though. Hope he returns, but if not at least his site is still up, and hopefully he'll still continue working on things on his site, with or without TreoCentral. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    'Scuse me, but where are all these negative posts about shadowmite? Sure, there are lots about the TREO 650 itself, but that doesn't do anything to shadowmite. Plus, all of the "whiners" get yelled at pretty quickly, so I can't see how that applies. The guy probably got tired of it, or maybe he hit a brick wall in something he was trying to fix and he just said "screw it".

    We now have to count on PalmOne to do all the stuff they should be doing in the first place. I think a lot of you good people would have been happier to hear that PalmOne went out of business than the news of shadowmite's possible departure......
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWB
    We now have to count on PalmOne to do all the stuff the should be doing in the first place. ..
    Now nothing will get done right. LOL
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    New Treo: $700 revenue

    Disabling DUN inorder to push more expensive data PC cards: $0

    Watching users run around like Skinner rats trying to fix all the
    bugs in our products: Priceless

    When you need help, there's TC

    For everything else, just send F1 and Sinkular/Sprint/etc. your Mastercard.
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    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    sitting in the middle of the airport on my laptop, I would just like to say I LOVE DUN using my Treo 650 Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside....

    Internet access anywhere/anytime I want! ROCK!

    DUN....I love you....
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    I just want to thanks for the DUN patch. Great added feature for business travelers who don't want to carry more than one handheld device.
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    fo·rum (fôrm, fr-)
    n. pl. fo·rums, also fo·ra (fôr, fr)

    2. A public meeting place for open discussion.

    Absolutely ridiculous. Treominator was speaking his mind and contributing his opinion to this forum. I saw nothing remotely like a personal insult in it, but that is because I wasn't looking for it. While I appreciate Shadowmite's contributions, this is not and in such I see no cause for special treatment. In open discussion, everything and everyone is fair game as long as it falls within the TOS established by our hosts.

    Palm Inc. gave us what is for many our favorite phone. While that is a great contribution, it certainly doesn't protect them from criticism. If it did, this forum would have about 32 posts.

    Shadowmites work has been a boon for me. (As a matter of fact, my power went out while Typing this post on my notebook. I lost my cable connection and just switched on my BT DUN and kept on truckin.) However, his work may not be perfect, and that is a good topic of discussion. I'm waiting in hopes for him to wiegh in on this issue further.

    Treominator, speak your mind. I dig what you were saying. I may not agree that the DUN patch is overly difficult, but I can only speak for myself. Don't worry about this misguided loyalty folks are flailing you with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    More painless, yea right. Let's see, your painless method involves carrying an extra phone and swapping between them, yea, sure, painless...

    I give up, I'm sick and tired of people taking my help for granted and insulting it the next day. I quit. Everyone here at TreoCentral, goodluck, I'm gone.
    There are thousands of people who greatly appreciate all the work you've done. You've helped many of us and never charged a dime. Please don't let one person who doesn't appreciate your work stop you from helping the rest of us. If someone doesn't want to take advantage of your generosity, that's their choice. Please don't punish the rest of us for that.
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    about 99% of the people here really appreciate all the hard work you've done, myself included. there is just that 1% of people that will never be happy and complain about anything. most of the time people are ignorant and sometimes just plain greedy. the fact of the matter is you've done alot of hard work and contributed it for free to everyone here at treocentral. your dedication has no doubt helped many treo users and those users really, really appreciate it all. it's also been an inspriation to many who said it couldn't be done when you repeatedly proved them wrong. people like you are the life blood of these forums.

    i hope i see more development from you in the future, but if i don't i completely understand. once again thanks for all your dedication and inspiration.
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    I repeat...who has complained about shadowmite? Lots of good people have voiced complaints about the TREO 650, but unless shadowmite secretly worked for PalmOne all along, he really shouldn't take any of that personally.

    To repeatedly repeat myself again, we now have to rely on PalmOne to do the sort of stuff they SHOULD have been doing all along. Scary thought.
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    I have to say, treominator was just voicing his opinion and did have a reasonable point, no matter how much I disagree with it.

    I just have a feeling shadowmite is a little burnt out from all the work he's done for us for free. It's really frustrating doing things for free and then getting sh*t for it. I'm definately the same way... I'll just pick up and leave the minute I feel like my charitable contrubutions are not appreciated. But, I also realize it's all ego on my end.

    So I hope shadowmite just takes a little break and comes back soon. Many of us depend on him soooo much. I'd be lost without his DUN patch and custom roms. I can't tell you how many times I've blown away clients during software demonstrations on my laptop because they can't figure out where my internet connection is coming from(they know it's not coming from my pcmcia ports- and get scared I hacked onto their wireless network). Obviously they're a little technically inept, but it's critical that I come off as a technical genious.

    My point is, buying another phone just for DUN isn't an option for me, and these hacks to the treo have helped me immeasurably. So shadowmite, your work is tremendously appreciated and don't take these criticisms to heart.

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    its very simple "DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T USE IT" use your (very stupid method) of carrying an extra cell phone with you. But don't insult shadowmite, who has given more to the treo community than you.
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    well since the treominator thinks the 2nd phone option is the way to go for the dun issue he should step up and do what shadowmite did, provide a free solution. Shadow made a free patch, so treominator should provide a free second phone for everyone then we could all see which option we like best.

    Hope to see you again shadow.
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    So a guy offers FREE hacks for folks that want to use them and still gets flack. I guess no matter if you give something away or sell it for $600 you'll still have some folks that want to bad mouth your work/effort.

    That's just a shame.
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