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    These are just a few of the threads that were started to make the C-I-N-G-U-L-A-R patch functional. I do not care less about the Sprint phone and any success with DUN on that phone. I do not own one and I care only about GSM personally.

    Don't try and tell me whether I have made any contributions to this forum or not. I have provided my share of feedback,tips and suggestions as and when needed.

    If the forum owners cater to the whims and fancies of a single individual and knock me off, then its their decision to make. I am also their store customer and community member in long standing.
    I have detailed files.
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    Hold the phone there!

    Yes, there have been soft reset reports, but has ANYONE thought it was because of the Treo? They aren't the most stable you know.

    I believe in Shadowmite. His work is quite admirable. As you know, I hosted his first files for him, and will give him any support in the future!

    If you have doubts, DON'T install it! Please don't insult the artists work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0tes
    he's probably a longtime lurker. him finally registering and posting should be an indication as to how much he appreciates both the work put into this board, as well as its members.
    You are 100% correct

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator
    I do not care less about the Sprint phone and any success with DUN on that phone. I do not own one and I care only about GSM personally.
    Then how much more expensive would an unlocked GSM Treo 650 be than a Cingular locked Treo 650 plus another phone for dedicated wireless modem use? If you can give us a number, I bet more than a few would kick in to fund your upgrade to unlocked GSM if it would SHUT YOU THE F||[K UP!!

    If you don't think the DUN hack serves your purposes, then don't use it. I had a SE T608 for about a year as a BT DUN connection for various PDA's (see sig) and it wasn't problem-free, either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator
    Don't try and tell me whether I have made any contributions to this forum or not. I have provided my share of feedback,tips and suggestions as and when needed.
    Gee, I'm impressed. I guess that's just as good as being a fellow end-user/hobbyist who maintains a site of patches, software tools and custom ROMs of his own making at no cost to us. I don't know what Shadowmite's "day job" is, but he's provided many improvements to our devices that the average consumer couldn't have begun to pull off on our own.
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    Shadowmite, for each one who does not appreciate your work there are hundreds who do. Don't be too senitive to idle nonsense. The TreoLanders need you here, paticularly when PalmOne, Sprint, and Cingular turn their backs on them.

    I did not use any patches since I did not have my Treo 650 long enough, but I still appreciate what you have been doing for this community.
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    I haven't used Shadowmite's DUN patch, although I've seen a great response about it, but I was using PDANet before I knew of the existence of this website. DUN works great through their software. I haven't had any problems yet at all, and as a matter of fact, DUN through my Sprint Treo 650 is my primary source of internet outside of work right now. Don't knock it until you've tried it, I guess.

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    I may just stop using my ereader and download these threads, they make for some funny reading....
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    More painless, yea right. Let's see, your painless method involves carrying an extra phone and swapping between them, yea, sure, painless...

    I give up, I'm sick and tired of people taking my help for granted and insulting it the next day. I quit. Everyone here at TreoCentral, goodluck, I'm gone.

    You'll be missed. Thanks for all you've done. Hope you do know that many of of us truly appreciate all you've donated of yourself to the treo community!!!
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    Maybe he got offered a job by PalmOne and is now working for the man to defeat the man.....

    In any case, hope to see you back Shadowmite....You are quite an inspiration to many of us Treo users!
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    I notice that is still active. With all the adoration showered upon Shadowmite, I can't believe that he would drop the whole thing over a pretty mild comment by Treom-Ahnuld. Maybe he is just worn out by this time. I was hoping he could fix the file system block problem.

    Maybe now people will turn to PalmOne and demand the fixes that they always assumed would have to come from Shadowmite. Bet PalmOne isn't happy about this either.....
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    Just go away Treominator! Someone ban him quickly! lol
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    Shadowmite has done something I have seen nobody or few do. Do what was said can't be done. I experiment w/ ASM and coding. It's a great challenge and reward to complete a task. Try DLing PRCEDIT and play w/ the code of PRC files. ASM is the hardest of all langs on the PC. I coded with it way back on the c64 (Commodore 64) w/ a 300 baud modem when internet or BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems , like forums but long distance phone calls was the only connection.) was the thrive back then. The point was to push systems beyond their normal uses. This guy is known everywhere in the Treo boards for going the extra mile and doing what nobody else can or thought they thought was possible. He has much respect and is probably tired from everyone else tring to get him to do everything. Check out the site "". This is not a warez site but a tutorial place to go and learn how to do a small bit, or a good start. Knowledge is education and a heck of a start! With more people learning and growing, we can all work together and force the main companys to quit handicaping our devices. They partner with other companies to make better deals that save them and cost or limit us. Yes, my post on this handle is few and my spelling is poor, but I've pushing for the same cause for years. A year from now, the treo 650 will be back-and-white compared to the tech that will come out. As a team we can learn from each other and work together to make our efforts turn into pride. (Never thought I'd write somethin like this!)

    Shadowmite, awsome job, and good luck in the future. The hard work and unproffitabe effort has rewarded us all! I hope I can assist you in the future.

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    boy, you know, this is truly a shame. how many people like shadowmite come along to enhance the treo's capabilites the way he has?
    our community asked for wifi drivers - shadowmite attempts to make that possible.
    our community asks for DUN patches - shadowmite makes that possible.
    he was responsive, attentive to detail, and extremely innovative.

    and then here comes treominator and pisses all that away. what a piece of work.
    im not going to do any personal attacks here - I don't feel its necessary - I believe treominator - down deep - knows the damage he did here and to put it bluntly, he should be ashamed.
    on behalf of treocentral, treominator, thanks for running off one of the finest innovators this forum has been fortunate enough to have.

    you've done a fine job of setting us back from any other fantastic enhancements shadowmite could have brought us. terrible. hope you're happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator
    I do not care less about the Sprint phone and any success with DUN on that phone. I do not own one and I care only about GSM personally.
    ....and we don't care about you. what gives you the right to personally attack shadowmite by calling his patch a pain? oh by the way, i have not seen your patch anywhere yet. just because shadowmite didn't personally cater his updates around you doesn't mean that you or anybody else has any right to criticize his efforts.

    to shadowmite. your efforts and work are well appreciated. i only hope that people like treominator learn to appreciate the time and efforts you have given to your developments. your posts excite most of us all here as to see what you have been able to prove wrong and overcome. i just want to point out that if we did not appreciate your efforts so much, we would not have raised such a large pot of money for you to get a wifi card and hardware.
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    This whole little ballyhooed ordeal reminds me of the Soup Nazi from Seinfield..

    I have detailed files.
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    Nothing constructive to say? Say nothing at all.

    Just stop! It is obvious that you are not welcome here any longer. If you have something to contribute to THIS thread, now that it has changed from "What is the BIG DEAL about DUN?" to "Please Come Back Shadowmite!!!" then please speak up. I do understand your point...However, you went too far. Apologize or GO AWAY!

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    hmm, a troll sent from the future by palmOne?
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolwol
    hmm, a troll sent from the future by palmOne?
    I was gonna go humor but went with kindergarten teacher instead!

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    Way to go man. Let's anger the person who makes patches. AND FREE ONES AT THAT. In my opinion your method is nonfeasible. Free DUN Patch or the extra cost of another bluetooth phone? Thanks for the alternative but the Shadowmite Patch still wins.

    Shadowmite, thanks for your efforts and making your programs free. Your patch saved me last week after a presentation got corrupted. I was able to use DUN to download another copy, all without paying the 9.95 per hour convention center rate. You saved my talk and some greenbacks.
    Since Treonominator doesn't put any food on your table, or signs your paychecks, his opinions are just that, opinions. And we all know about opinions right?!?
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    countdown to thread locking:

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