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    I'm not happy at all with my 650. I'm tired of missed calls and the slow response of the unit. How much is it worth on ebay? It's a sprint unit with a nutshell leather case. I have the box, manual, etc.
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    Kenn - the best way to find out is to auction it!

    I bought mine on eBay - so I paid dollar prices, rather than waiting for the 650 to be launched in the UK - where the usual trick is to use a 1 dollar = 1 pound conversion rate - ie, we get ripped off in the UK.

    I got mine from a seller in the far east. Everything is fine. I had to pay VAT on the import though, but because it is a phone there is no import duty into the UK.
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    How much is it worth on ebay?
    As with anything in this world, it is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Not a penny more.

    With that being said, a good way to see what it is worth, is to see what others have actually paid for the item, by looking at completed auction listings.

    Looking at the completed auction listings for phones that actuall met the reserve and sold (not just listings) I can see that brand spanking new treo 650 GSM unlocked models from reputable sellers are actually selling for about $650-$750 US.
    Brand new sprint CDMA treo650's and the locked cingular units are selling for about $100 less than that. Used units are selling for about $100-$200 less than that.

    Check it out yourself on the completed listings on ebay. Make sure that the reserve was met and the item actually had a buyer.

    Also these electronics will depreciate every week. Expect to see prices $100 lower within the month on ebay.
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    ill give ya 300.00 right now for it
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    Just search eBay for completed 650 auctions...see what the market is paying for them (like car_designer suggested). This is the best way to gauge the market for buying or selling anything on eBay.

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