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    I have an unlocked T650, used with T-Mobile. I had previously used the 180, 270 and 600 so I am not exactly a newbie. The built-in mail application on the 600 worked flawlessly, for me, with the exception of accent marks on foreign languages. Versamail handles those, but there are some things that don't quite work right.

    I have set it up to automatically synch and download full messages. I have set the upper limit to 2048K. I am getting truncated messages, so that when I read it I get a couple or 5k and then a message that says 'message truncated'. There is a little envelope icon, which if clicked pops up a box that says something like 'the rest of this message is 30k, do you want to download it' and then when you click yes it downloads the rest of the message.

    My problem is that I think it should do that without my intervention. The settings should dictate that the full message be downloaded every time.

    Is there some subtlety that I am missing?


    Jim McDonough
    Richardson, TX
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    It's a buggy app, just like many others. You probably know this, but Snappermail is awesome. It's kind of pricey, but if you need reliable POP access, it's really the way to go. I used Versamail for months before getting fed up with it losing settings, resetting my phone, etc. It's just not ready for prime-time.

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