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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    BT is the main culprit, other chat apps also contribut to this problem
    I have BT off and turned verichat off . problem still exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by riekl
    my phone can be off for hours hit the green phone button nothing .. hit again it will turn on
    Do you experience the same behaviour when using the red power button or one of the other 2 hardware buttons?
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    Same with all. I have Chatter running all the time. Don't use Verichat. Problem went away (for a 1/2 hour test) when I turned off bluetooth. May try to test it for longer, but I can't live without the BT headset for long periods.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    Do you experience the same behaviour when using the red power button or one of the other 2 hardware buttons?
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    I've noticed the same problem but thought that i wasn't hitting the button right so on the second try i usually really press the button hard and it wakes up. It's really annoying but been dealing with it this long so i guess i'm kinda used to it now..
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    This is a known bug in Treos.

    Due to the HW and 5.x OS, nothing else. (other apps or functions are not at fault).

    Will F1 fix it? Doubtful. Wait for the Treo 700 in Nov.
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    I have the same problem, looks like we all do..." THE T650 IS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD"
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    Oddly, I feel comforted knowing I am not alone...
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    I tried turning off Bluetooth and it did significantly reduce the delay between the screen turning off and my being able to turn it back on. I'm undecided on whether it has had any impact on the effectiveness of waking the phone back up with one press of a button after extended periods off however. Even if it did though, I use Bluetooth all the time for my headset so leaving Bluetooth really is not an option for me.
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    So, as I stated in an earlier post, I had this occur a few times but, FWIW, I haven't had this happen since I uninstalled Treo Alarm (v.0.95c). I'm not saying it's the culprit but if you have Treo Alarm installed, it's worth a try to uninstall it and see if you still have this issue after a couple of days.
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