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    Does the Tero 650 support VFS (virtual filesystem) or does some external software need to be loaded such as msmount to get applications to run from sd cards?
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    No, the Treo 650 does not need anything extra to read a VFS SD or MMC card inserted into the SD/IO slot.

    In Palm OS, applications stored on SD or MMC cards are first loaded into RAM, and then executed. When you exit the current application, Palm OS moves the application and data back to the card.

    Alan G
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    Umm, I don't think that's quite right.

    Yes, the Treo supports VFS. It's a part of the OS.

    The Palm OS by itself, though, will only move apps and read-only databases to the card. It will not move writeable databases to the card and allow them to be updated. To move both apps and read/write databases to the card you'll need an app like ZLauncher or PowerRun. If you search on either of those names, you'll find many threads about this.
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