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       #1 I am looking at these and trying to figure out which one is better than another? Most people,it seems uses leather cases etc, BUT I think I would prefer a holster style,so any recommendations would be great since no one seems to have reviewed these.
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    i really like the
    palmOne Leather Latch Case for Treo 600/650. But its not really a "holster" it wont ever let go of your treo, its very secure once locked into place. 4 out of 5 treo users at my work use it. (all heavy users)

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    I have used the leather case which I bought over-the-counter at T-Mobile but lost some degree of sensitivity on the touch schreen. I am now using a holster which I purchased from the Treo Central website and I use a screen protector. It works very well for me.

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    I use a holster...for my Glock.

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