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    I got the eReader software installed. I bought one book ("DaVinci Code") from I then checked out some of the free books on the Gutenberg site and and downloaded several including an unabridged dictionary (Websters) and several others (like Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary" which I enjoy). Anyway, it seems that there are no chapter breaks in the free ebooks and, most disturbingly, there is no way to search by word in the free dictionary! Paging thru to find the definition of a word that starts in anything other than the letter "a" in a 2000 page dictionary would be ridiculously frustrating. Are there any freebie books that have more features or dictionarys that actually function like dictionarys or should I bite the bullet and start buying the books? Heck, I downloaded the King James Version of the Bible too for free but what if I want to look up something later than Genesis?? Is there no free lunch?

    Also, any thoughts on whether it is worth the $20 for keeping the "pro" features of ereader?


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    You can buy the pro reader for $10 with 5 books. See left sales notice.
    Pro version displays graphics, has antialiased fonts (useful at least on 600) and a few other features. It does have a find function.

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