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    Can someone give me an idea about how to access internet through visor?

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    Well, that's a pretty broad question. There are two ways that I know of to access the internet with a Visor. The first is via some kind of modem and the second is by connecting via the HotSync cradle to an existing LAN. Connecting via ethernet or wireless data network should also become a possibility with future Springboards.

    Connecting via modem works pretty much like it does with a PC. Install the modem, set up a dial-up networking connection, and then dial into your Internet Service Provider. Once connected you can use various 3rd party apps to do email, web browsing, telnet, etc.

    Connecting via HotSync cradle basically creates a PPP connection to your host system and once that's properly set up, your Visor can see the internet just as your desktop machine does. The same networking apps that you would use when connected via modem also work when connected this way.

    It would take a very long reply to explain all the details. Perhaps you could clarify exactly what it is that you would like to be able to do?
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    I have successfully hooked my Visor up to a modem using the serial cradle, and surfed the net with it. Pretty cool.

    I have also tried to use a PPP connection through my work PC using Mocha W32 PPP to access the Internet. But I can't get it work.

    I know that Mocha says that they do not support the Visor with a USB cradle, but I figured it should work with a serial cradle.

    Here is my setup:

    PC: 550MHz PIII, Win95b, Mocha W32 PPP v3.03, Internet connection though the office Ethernet LAN, Mocha set to use COM1: at 19,200 baud.

    Cradle: Standard Visor serial cradle, hooked up to COM1:. I had to use an RS-232 breakout box to set the DSR line on the serial port to "on". This allowed Mocha to go to the "Ready" state.


    Network Prefs panel:

    Service: UUNet
    User Name: <blank>
    Password: -prompt-
    Phone #: 00
    no connection script

    I've read that the "00" phone number tells the Palm OS to go right to the serial port and not to try and dial a modem first. This does seem to be the case on the Visor, because if I change the phone number to just "0" it tries to dial a modem (which fails because there is no modem).

    Modem Pref panel: (Don't think this has any effect but...)

    Modem: Custom
    Speed: 19,200 bps
    Speaker: Low
    Flow Ctl: Off
    Country: Other
    String: AT&F1&C1&K0%C3

    NOTE: This is exactly the same Modem setup that works with the real modem.

    When ever I hit the "Connect" button on the Network panel, an empty "alert" box displays on the lower half of the screen, and the Visor will not respond to any inputs for about 30 seconds. Then it gives me the dreaded "PPP Timeout error".

    I've put an osciloscope on the serial data lines and I don't see data flowing in EITHER direction. It's like no data is being transmitted from the Visor at all. The serial port is being opened and closed because the TXD line from the Visor, does change voltage from positive voltage (port closed, TXD line sending a "break") to negative voltage (port open, TXD line at idle). I also verified that the Visor serial port can transmit by using Online to send various characters. They show up perfectly on the scope.

    So I don't know what is going on.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Does anyone know where I can get a PPP server side program for the MacOS? (assuming that I do eventually get the Visor side to work!)

    P.P.S. James, if you think that this post belongs in the How To/Troubleshooting board, feel free to move it.

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