Has anyone else used this? Is it just me or is this a piece of crap? I've been looking for a good desktop interface that will allow me to filter data, print calendars and give me audible alarms. This looked like just the ticket, and the reviews I read on previous versions were good.

I picked it up on Friday, and the first HotSync I did gave me some goody error messageand my to do list was filled with old (closed) entries. Called tech support, and the guy I talked to didn't know what the error message meant - said to call back if anything looked funny - and couldn't explain the to-do's except to say they should go away when the date rolled over. That should have warned me.

I start entering new appointments, assigning new groups and changing all the pretty colors. Life was good. Until I did anothr sync. It decided all my recurring appointmens should also happen on Monday. It doubled or tripled up holidays and reassigned all Monday holidays to happen on Sunday as well. It generally srewed up everything in my appointment book.

I fired off a very hot e-mail to their tech support folks. They responded very promptly Monday morning saying "oh, didn't the guy tell you there's a patch?" Bad omen number 2. So I downloaded and installed the patch and did a HotSync. Hey, allright! The appointments are still OK. I once again started changing groups and making new catagories for everything from appointments to address book entries. Then I did another HotSync to save all my wonderful changes. The group assignment for every appointment was deleted. Every address book catagory was deleted and every entry moved to "Unfiled." Now hey, isn't that a nifty feature?

Still no response from their tech support folks. All I can say is thank God for the backujp module!

Anybody want to wager whether I'll have a chance of getting any money back from these clowns?