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    Is there an advantage to one over the other?

    Got rid of my Nokia 6620 and UX50 for a Treo 650! Happy so far!

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    One is push and one is pull. What are your needs and one can answer you question better.
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    Versamail is when you Hot Sync your T650 with your PC and can receive update you e-mails and it's free.

    Xpress Mail is almost real time e-mail like your Outlook at your Work Place but cost additional of $39.99 on top of you voice plan AND you Media Paln.

    I'm already paying $39.99 for Voice, $24.99 for Data that's already $64.99 + Tax = around $ 80.00/month.

    If I add the Xpress Mail it'll be more than $120.00/month, that's just too much for me.

    But if you company is paying for it why not, I will just stick with Versamail.
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    Xpress Mail Personal Edition does NOT cost anything if you already have a data plan (which inlucdes Media Works or Media Net). I know that Cingular's web page lists Xpress Mail at 29.99 and 39.99 per month (depending on data amounts) but that is incorrect. With the personal edition, if you sign up for an account online and download the client software there is no additional monthly charge. There are several threads on this forum about this. I was using Xpress Mail Personal Edition for about four months and never charged a penny.

    FWIW, unless you need to have your calendar and contacts synced as well (and IMO Xpress does not do a very good job at either) you are much better off going with something like Chatter E-mail for push e-mail assuming you have IMAP access to your accounts. I was reluctant at first but recently tried it out. I'm only four days into the trial and have no doubt I will purchase the program. For e-mail only it may be one of the best clients available to date. The problem I always had with Xpress mail was that in order to receive mail I always had to have a computer that was connected to my exchange server on 24/7 for the redirector software to work. That meant if I took my work laptop with me on trips I no longer had access to my e-mail on the treo other than using OWA through Blazer which was terrible. Since Chatter E-mail just uses IMAP access I don't have this problem anymore and there is no redirector software to deal with. Oftentimes if I'm sitting at my desk in my office with outlook open and connected to the exchange server, new e-mail will show up first on the Treo 650 and then in Outlook. It's amazing how fast it is. If nothing else you should at least try the demo before making any firm decisions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmk2888
    Versamail is when you Hot Sync your T650 with your PC and can receive update you e-mails and it's free.
    Versamail will also allow you to check POP3 accounts and IMAP accounts remotely, you don't have to sync using the cable.
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    Sorry that I am a Noob.

    Please show me how to use Versamail or Express to access my Pop3 accounts remotely......
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    Did you get a manual with your Treo? Tells you everything step by step.

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    Page 62 of the Treo User's manual.


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