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    Moved Docs to go to SD Card and it all works fine except if I select a document like an Excel doc. and tell Docs to Go to email it to someone. It wont do it.
    I click the email icon and the window pops up that ask me to Select File Format.
    I click Send as MS Word/MS Excel file and I click MS Word/MS Excel and I get the following message:

    "The application to open this type of document could not be found!"

    Any clues appreciated. Email me at

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    PS I am also using zLauncher and can email the file from there but its not in a MS format for viewing on anyones regular PC with MS Office.
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    I am using Zlauncher and tried moving Docs To Go to the card and had major problems with what you described. My phone also started doing a soft reset everytime I was trying to use Docs to Go. I found that the only way to free up memory on the 650 is to move the Sheet To Go, Word To Go, Slideshow to go, and Word to go Fonts to the card. Do this from the default launcher by copying each of those applications to the card and then deleting them from RAM. DO NOT use Zlauncher to do this as I wasn't able to succeed. This freed up most of the memory taken up by Docs To Go and now works properly.
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    Thanks xchstang.... You the Man!
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    Follow these instructions and download the special utility designed to move "Documents to Go" to the SD card.

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