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    I have a Gemplus 32K SIM Card and I'm noticing the same symptoms, what do I do? Also, any word on when Palm will have drivers for the Sony Ericsson HBH-300 headset?
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    You shouldn't have any problems with a 32k Gemplus SIM. Mine been rock solid. What 3rd party apps do you have installed if any?
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    I thought it was my GemPlus 32K card too, but I did a hard reset and it took off Splash Data, Bejeweled 2, and VersaMail. I've added Splash Data and Bejewled 2 back, but not VersaMail. The phone has been working like a champ. Hmmmmm....maybe that's why the software is free
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    Ahh let's see, I have installed: Call Shield Pro (awesome, by the way), Voicedial (but haven't been able to use it with Bluetooth, thanks alot PalmOne*@*&$!?>), also that Express Weather program they'er giving away, a few programs left over from when I had my Treo600 (just deleted them)... that's it.

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