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  • treo 650

    14 48.28%
  • 3 feet of snow

    15 51.72%
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    dropped my phone today while picking up my dogs **** anyway it fell into a huge snow bank i stared in horror as the white glow turnd black i quickly picked up the phone and took out the batt untill tommorow, now for the poll who will the winner be 650 or snow?
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    how long was it in the snow? how watery (?) was it?
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    I'll take snow immersion over a dog crap immersion any day
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    As Joebar so eloquently stated, snow isn't the worst.
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    was in the snow about a minute....i would have gotten it sooner but it was buried....and yes im happy it didnt fall in the crap
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    I vote for the 650.
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    Well, what's the verdict? Does it work?
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    Dropped mine in snow today (37F so t wa smelting) while running took me about 5 minutes to go back and find it. Turnedit on imemdiately and no effect
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    It should survive, my phone fell in about a half inch of water at Disneyland on wednesday and it works fine now. It started working normally about 24 hours later. Thank God!!! GO TREO!!!
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    geez guys.... is that any way to treat ur treo
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    treo booted up and works fine
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    Thats a Treo for you, new P1 slogan:
    "Takes a wetting and keeps on Resetting"

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