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    For those of you who have used this (see here if you haven't:

    This looks like a good program for those of us who use Yahoo IM exclusively. I do have a question though. There is something on the website that confused me a bit.

    "Incoming Messages received using SMS for ultimate

    Does this mean that all incoming messages are treated
    as SMS? If so, won't I be charged for each message
    (assuming I don't have an unlimited SMS package from
    my cell provider).

    Thanks for the help.
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    Ha anyone else tried this? I didn't get it to work, but it looks really nice. Much better than Causerie if you don't need all the other messenger accounts. I have had problems sending messages, but I emailed the people that made it and they are working on it for me. Pretty cool. They make it work, and I will have to send them some thanks in the form of cash I think.
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    And yes, all incomming messages will be treated as SMS. You should make sure you have unlimited SMS if you plan on using this. SprintPCs vision will give you what you need.
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    If you want a free IM program for Yahoo, try Agile Messenger. It works well for me with Yahoo.
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    which one did you download? I have the treo 650
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    ok got the palm one. I'm going to try it. The tahoo for treo mentioned above is really nice though. I hope I can get it working.
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    I have a Treo 600. Yahoo IM works all the time and AIM sometimes.
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    I tried it and it worked... but not very well. It didn't populate my whole list, and has very few options. I'm still hopin gI can get the other program working.
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    Yeah, Agile isn't great, but it works for me. I have a short buddy list, and don't use IM much. Let us know how the other program works for you.
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    I tried Agile. Didn't really like the lack of features or lack of... well anything. But it is free and in a pinch could prove useful. The messenger originally mentioned in this thread is very nice both graphically and ease of use. I am having problems as I mentione before, but I will get those corrected hopefully.
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    Is anyone successfully using this Yahoo IM program from Burmeisterbrown?
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    i'm trying to get it to work. so far I have got it to send, but not receive ims.
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    Anyone else have any luck with this?
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    I hope someone can get the bugs worked out soon
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    anyone else?
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    I'm using it-works great for an early beta product. I'm looking forward to further improvement.

    The direct link to the camera sw. is very cool.
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