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    I noticed on the front page of Visorcentral that there is a poll in which 50% of the people (roughly) use Outlook as their address book/scheduler interface. Is it possible to do this with a Visor? If so could some kindly person direct me to the site that describes how?


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    All you need to do is install the PocketMirror software included on the Handspring CD. It essentially replaces the Palm Desktop with Outlook so that when you sync, you're syncing with Outlook.

    Address goes to Contacts
    Datebook goes to Calendar
    ToDo goes to ToDo
    Memo goes to Notes

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    You magnificent bastid! That is Dynamite. I had no idea I could do that. I have been wondering how I was going to coordinate a work calendar (Outlook) with my personal calendar (the Visor). Thanks so much for the response!


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