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    I just got the treo 650 after having the treo 600, I downloaded the new software and then tried a sync, now the phone keeps resetting itself. I have heard that this phone is a nightmare from several people who have can I remedy this situation? It did a hot sync with the new software with my old apps (it said it eliminated the ones that werent compatible) it keeps resetting iteself...once i clear the phone how will I get my apps on?? is nothing transferable from 600 to 650? let me know please, desperate over here. wouldnt mind a phone # to call one of you experts! I own a resturant in new york ill give you a free dinner when youre in town!!! thanks.
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    For best results, I think you shouldnt try to transfer apps, just reinstall them.

    Backup your 600 to SD.

    Sync your 600 with outlook (contacts, calendar, everything).

    Do a hard reset on your 650 to wipe it clean.

    Uninstall old hotsync software.

    Install new hotsync software.

    Sync 650.

    Install apps to 650.
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    You will have a nightmare if you don't install each application one by one. Do not hotsync your old backup with your 650. You are looking for trouble if you don't do a one by one installation. Even though the 600 and the 650 look very alike and seems like a minor upgrade, it is a major upgrade. The file system is completely different. I upgraded from a Clie NX70v and I had 0 problems.

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    On your desktop computer, locate your old handheld's user folder.
    In the user folder, locate the Backup folder.
    Rename the Backup folder to "BackupOld".
    Do a hard reset on your treo and than hotsync.
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    If you have a Cingular Treo 650, also check your SIM card. If it ends with a G, you may have exchange it.
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    Follow these directions:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(14403)

    It worked perfectly for upgrading from my 600 to my 650.

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