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    Well, while waiting patiently for my Vaja ivolution case to arrive, my slippery little 650 slid from my hand while in my car and bumped against something on the way to the carpet. Took a small nick out of the battery cover. It's really minor, but bugs me. Does anyone know if you can get a replacement cover from P1? Don't mind paying as long as it's fairly cheap. Tried calling today, but got the continuous "your wait time is more than 5 minutes" runaround.
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    Wow. I'd love a transparent battery cover so I could put in a flashing battery!
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    I forget where I've seen it but someone is coming out with a non slip battery cover. Similar to Egrips but it covers the entire back of the battery cover. Could be leather but I'm not sure. I'll post it if I ever find it.
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    There was something at CES:
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