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    I've read threads regarding 3rd party alrm apps such as Bob's and Treo Alarm, but I am finding it hard to believe that the Treo does not come with a built in alrm funtion. Can someone point me in the right direction. I am merely looking to set my Treo to go off every morning at a certain time. Do I really need a 3rd party app to accomplish this or does the Treo have this feature built in?
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    Why don't you just create a daily recurring appointment (6am or whenever) with an alarm "0" minutes before the event?
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    That works Also I found an alarm in the World Clock app - std on the Treo - pretty simplistic little thing but hey it works.
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    Thanks for your help guys. It sounds like both of these would work. Do I need to set the world clock everyday or is it recurring?
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    It seems to turn itself off each time - what is weird is I have tried it twice in the last 10 minutes and even with the sound on on my phone, it just lights up the screen - very weird, I must be missing some setting.

    EDIT - I must not be paying attention It went off fine - just now. You can then hit the Go To button on the screen and flick it back on easily. Try it
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    Hey Robo,
    Thanks for the tip about the alarm on the World Clock screen, did not know that!
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    My pleasure - just found it myself..test it though - it behaved weirdly the first two times..which makes it worriseome to me

    I think the appointment wiht an alarm may be more reliable.
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    The alarm via world clock is just like the older bedside alarm clocks - must be reset each day (max 24 hr. advance set). The recurring appointment works for advance alarms (just don't use an apostrophe or you might run into the date bug).
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    One word of warning for the World Clock alarm. It doesn't keep sounding indefinitely. I have relied on my phone for years to wake up when travelling but I have slept through the World Clock alarm on the Treo 650 a couple of times because it will just stop sounding after a while without me stopping it. Other slight problem is that the "sleep" function is only five minutes.
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    another warning on the World Clock alarm.. If you keep snoozing for an hour it stops making a sound. (I've done it many time. 12 snoozes later and no more alarm )

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