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    I am a beginner and trying to learn more and more about my new Treo 650. I have a question with Ptunes. I guess I had the trial version because it is now expired and wont met me search for music on my SD card. I tried to uninstall ptunes and then reinstall a newer version but each time I do so i get the same message that says I need to register. I plan to buy a copy of the deluxe, but I want to see what the buzz is with the new version 3.05 before I pay for another program when I already have realone. Any input would be great. Thanks.
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    just buy it
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    I don't have a 650 yet... is the mp3 player that it comes with any good? Or should I just plan on sticking w/ ptunes... I've been using ptunes on my 600 for a long time and have no complaints.
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    RealPlayer is "serviceable" but if you're used to PTunes you'll probably want to stick with it as it allows ogg and wav formats. I will also allow you to use Shoutcast.
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    pTunes is a whole lot better than RealPlayer. It is easier to work with and less complicated.

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