I have a few issues with my 650, hope ya'll can help
1. My VersaMail simply does not work. The minute I tap the application the system resets. I see the PALM page and then the SPRINT page turning the phone on. The only time I got this to work is when I did a hard reset and erased all of my data and started over from scratch. I set up the accounts again and email came in perfectly.

Then I synch'd to get all of my old data back in...lo and behold, I went to test VersaMail and it was back to its old tricks of resetting itself.

2. How do I remove programs from the TREO and keep them off forever? I suspect my problem above is related to old programs that came over from my old Handspring Visor with OS 3. I've removed the programs manually from the TREO but when I synch, they show back up.

Caveats....I use my 650 on both my work (Windows) machine and my home (MAC) machines. My conduits are set up such that all my major appointments, contacts, memo's etc are in my Outlook. Then I go to my MAC and do a synch....everything comes over perfectly...iCal, address book.

Not sure how I get these programs out of the backup. Any ideas?