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    Last line states image directory found on card, installing from there

    AND I can't do anything else.

    This is ROM#3.

    Is this HOW it's supposed to work?

    Can I turn my TREO off?

    HELP ME!!!
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    Greetings luvdldy.

    Not sure I can help out, but first things first. Is your 650 GSM, or Sprint? From what I understand the Custom ROM's are for SPRINT CDMA phones only.

    If your phone is SPCS/CDMA, did you follow the instructions exactly ( The ROM business can be complicated, but hopefully, the info in the instructions will help you out.

    Good luck!
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    Is it me, or is all this ROM flashing stuff just more trouble than it's worth?

    I can see the geek factor, but more trouble than worth.
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    If you know how to read instructions then the ROM flashing is as easy as turning on your phone. People just need to read the step by step instructions and they will be okay.

    My first guess is that he did not format/erase all the data on his SD and its picking up on another folder.

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