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    Quote Originally Posted by Clovis
    The same happened for me. Call Cingular and ask to reset your voicemail. You will then turn off and on your phone. Also, the rep said that in the future to hit "*" before exiting voicemail system. Hope this helps.
    This is what i have done since i had this problem the first week i owned my 650. Hasnt been a problem since. Sometimes, depending on what menu youre in, you need to hit the * key twice.
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.
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    I have been having problems with my voicemail notification today.

    While in LA this morning, I did not receive any voicemail notification even though I had messages in my voicemail system.

    Now I am back in San Fran. the voicemail icon will not go away.

    I am with Cingular and have an unlocked 650. Is anyone else have problems with Cingular and voicemail today?
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    I tried everything to clear it and nothing worked.

    As soon as I get off the plane in Seattle, I listen to my messages and the dammed icon clears
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    In regards to voicemail - when I do select the hotkey or tap the voicemail favorite it dials a number different than my cell number. However it still connects to my voicemail. Is this normal?
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