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    Okay, this is probably really asking for too much, but does any know of any Matlab like program for the Visor. I know it probably won't do convolutions/filtering with any great speed, but I thought it'd be a cool toy to play with on my Visor.
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    Although there is some pretty nifty advanced calculator software out there, I have yet to see anything approaching a computer algebra system for Palm OS. I have suggested on other boards at visorcentral that Texas Instruments ought to come out with a springboard that emulates a TI-89/92 (which uses Derive, similar to Matlab). I'd *really* like to see Waterloo Maple come out with a Maple 6 springboard. I know that maple makes a WinCE version, so a Palm OS version couldn't be much more of a leap, especially when you can put it all on a springboard. I asked some company reps about this at a workshop once and they thought it was a pretty good idea.

    (Maple rules all over M*thematica, to echo the previous poster's sentiments... I had bad experiences with it in a differential geometry course in grad school. Type in a long sequence of code to plot a torus knot, then go get lunch and come back in an hour only to have the program tell you that you didn't capitalize "Cos"... grr!)

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    Keep in mind that the DragonBall CPU in the Visor has no floating point capabilities. So unless someone produces a Springboard with a floating point coprocessor, any floating point math has to be done with emulation software. Floating point emulation = slow, so hardcore math software on the Visor may cause more pain than it eliminates
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    Yes, but at least the work is already done. MathLib is in the ROM of the Visor. One would have to burn an extra 50k for it on a Palm.
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    Calerga - Download

    I don't have my old Treo anymore .

    Try it out!

    I know this thread is kind of old... but... Hopefully someone can see this and try it out...

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