I am running Sprint with the shadowmite patch for bluetooth DUN.
It works, but it is slow.
The connection speed for the phone itself is great as compared to others that run the online speed test.
The USB bluetooth adapter I got for my laptop is a D-Link. It works with the XP Pro software, but would not work with any of the D-Link software that came with the device, or any of the versions I downloaded from their site. After some searching, it looks like many people have had problems with them...anywayz....

When I input a new URL, I get about 10-15 seconds lag, then the page loads at about dialup speeds. If I download a file, it comes in at ~1.5-6 KB/sec.

Could it be my D-Link, or is this just normally slow? I got the D-Link for $20 after rebate, but I am willing to buy somehting else for better performance.

What are ya'lls experiences?