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    I've got a Sprint 650, and downloaded a trial of DateBk5. It takes several seconds to start up, and almost 15 seconds to quit! When I press the phone button or another app button, the screen goes white and seems to lock up for 15 seconds beore the other app turns on. I have plenty of free RAM, and no other 3rd party apps except Galaxian and Docs to Go.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot,
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    I just checked on my 650. About 1 second to load, maybe slightly longer (1.5 seconds?) to quit.

    Does this happen no matter what app you were in before you start Datebk? If you were using another app that takes a lot of RAM, the NVFS file system may be writing saved data from RAM back to NVRAM. But that wouldn't explain the long delay in exiting.

    Your not running Datebk from the SD card, are you? Sorry I don't have any other ideas.
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    Thanks for the reply, Bob. Yeah, this happens no matter what app I was in and no matter what app I go to. Weird! And no, I'm not running from the SD card.

    Anyone else have a clue?
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    Are you using the 650-specific version of DateBk5? According to Pimlico's site, V-5.4 Maintenance Release is REQUIRED for Tungsten T5/Treo650 to sidestep Performance & Stability problems in the PalmOne software.
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    I have also seen this behavior if you have a lot of contacts, and you have the split screen set up to display contacts.
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    Problem is split screen. If you do not open the split screen there will be on lag. I had the same problem if the split screen is activated.
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    MarkEagle has the right advice. I use Agendus, but it was slow to start and end when I transfered it to the 650. So I thought I'd try DateBk5 - it too was slow.

    I upgraded my Agendus to a 650-specific version and it is very fast to load/end. So is seems as though the apps have to be specifically designed for the 650/NVSF to get acceptable performance.
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    Thanks so much. I wasn't using split screen, so that was not the problem. MarkEagle, your solution worked - now it's plenty fast.

    But I have a new, very annoying problem:

    My phone button on my 650 doesn't work! No matter how I set DateBk5's view preferences, the green phone button always shows me my DateBk 5 day view, in addition to the calendar button I have assigned it to. How do I fix this???
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    I think this is probably a holdover from having installed an earlier version. Pimlico has a utility to reset the phone button. See this thread:

    BTW: I use split screen (calendar and todos) and have no problem with speed. I only have 515 contacts, so maybe if I had several thousand I'd see a problem.
    Bob Meyer
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    PERFECTION! Thanks for the link on this, for some reason it didn't turn up on searches...this all works perfectly now.

    THANK YOU EVERYBODY! Within 24 hours, you all helped me sort this out completely - God, I love TreoCentral.


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