The new Butler is much more stable for me, no longer a reset problem as I had with the earlier version.

However. I am now having a problem when in Blazer. If I hold down the 5-way key to scroll on a page, it kicks me out of Blazer and takes me to the phone app. Same thing happens if I am holding down the backspace key to earase a long url or password i typed wrong.

Now its obvious what is going on, Butler thinks I am holding the key down to access one of my favorites, but there are no apps linked to the 5-way or backspace key, nor indeed could there be. It will also take you to the phone app if you hold down a letter key for which there is no favorite button linked too (example, I don't have "t" linked to anything, but if I hold it down, it takes me to the phone app anyway) That's not a big problem but the inability to hold down the 5-way or backspace key is.

Could be this problem existed in the earlier version, but I was getting so many resets, I never had time to notice it.

Anybody have this issue with any version of Butler? Is there any way to make it stop doing this? Checked out the previous Butler threads but never saw anyone discussing this.