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    I was thrilled at the news of Franklin publishers putting daily crossword puzzles on their website. However, I can't find any place on their website to get them, even though all the news releases indicate that these things should already be available. Has anybody had any luck getting them? If so, what am I missing?

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    I would like to know as well....
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    Make me the third crossword fan to post, I'd like to know about it also.
    Do they want $$ from you, or are they free? What's the URL?
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    Supposedly the crossword puzzles are to be available from Franklin's main page at There is a nice article there about this service, but no links and no indication of how or when these things will be available. According to the article, there is an annual fee (about $30 if I remember right).

    In the meanwhile, I've discovered that XWord (go to and do a search under "XWord") is a nice little program and satisfies my crossword fetish. It's got some bugs (freely admitted by the software author) but it's a good program, and contains a program that will convert crosswords from places like into a format usable by XWord.

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