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    I have a VZW Treo 600 that is now about 3 months old. Lately I have been having a lot of issues with dropped calls in good coverage areas followed by a message that says "No Service" in the upper left-hand corner. Usually I am receving or attempting to make a call, and I will hear three soft clicks and the phone drops signal. When I am having the problem, it will occur repeatedly, always within the first minute of the conversation. I haven't noticed yet if this happens when using the data connection.

    I haven't attempted to correlate this to battery strength yet, as I've read on the forum.

    For accessories, I have a 1GB Lexmark SD card, TreoCentral charging hot synch cable and TreoCentral car charger. Most of my software is running on the SD card. I have Acrobat, AvantGo, BrightCam, BatteryGraph, Eudora Internet Suite, Treo Alarm, MSMount, and Profeo LC/RC running on the phone itself.

    How should I go about troubleshooting this issue further? I found this support note at PalmOne which doesn't give much detail, but indicates this is a known problem related to battery strength -

    The most important question - how should I deal with Verizon to get a replacement that isn't going to be a broken refurb? I have the phone insurance plan.
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    Call Verizon and ask for a new phone. I had the same problem. Verizon did replace the phone but it took a lot of lobbying on my part. I wish someone could please fiqure out exactly what is causing this problem. With the amount of posts with this problem Verizon should step up to the plate and address the issue!
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    After receiving 2 refurbs, the last of which had this problem, Verizon sent me a brand new 600. So far, so good, but that was the case for the 2 refurbs for a few weeks. I hear adding the verizon updater from PalmOne helps with a lot of other issues. Hope this helps.

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