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    Any canadians ordered from this store? are they reliable and how is the shipping etc?

    I need to order this today

    Thanks for the replies
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    Need to order what today?
    His service is generally very good. And I think most people would agree with me but some will beg to differ. If you do a search for "Dan's" there are a number of threads related to his services.
    I just ordered an HBH-600 from him on Monday and his response time has been good. My headset shipped on Wednesday and should be here anytime. He is in CT and ships his orders via USPS and generally Priority Mail.
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    oops, forgot to include link

    i c...thanks for the response
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    I've had good success ordering from Dan. He always answers e-mails promptly and his prices are much cheaper for OEM equipment than you can get elsewhere.
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