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    i am hereby emancipating you from the tyranny of the "endless preference"...let it be known that you have single-handedly brought true push email delivery to the treo 600 public at large...

    therefore, herein and hereafter you must embrace the fact that in the push feature set alone you have created THE KILLER APP for the treo line of smart phones and are vanquished of the burden of pleasing everyone or anyone, some of the time or all of the time...

    get the SD card and HTML viewing done and you're all can go home...

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    But I AM home!

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    Coding up a storm, I'll bet...

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    You know, I spend about 2/3 of my time trying to figure out why some people have reset issues, and probably only 1/4 of my time coding. It's VERY frustrating, because 1) there is no way to get debugging information on the resets, 2) they never happen in the simulator, 3) there is so much variety in the configurations of phones, 4) Chatter is doing a lot of things that other apps just don't do, 5) the Treo's are inherently flaky (at least, that's my opinion), and 6) support from PalmOne is non-existant.

    So instead of adding features and improving, I spend my time tracking down problems.

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