Hi all,

I just posted a blog entry on the Treo SIM card issue that I and others have had. I'm also hoping to get more info from Palm PRPRPR $today$.

Here is the link: http://www.corante.com/unwired/

Now that I have the new SIM card my phone is pretty much back to normal. But I'm irritated with both Cingular and Palm for not notifying us proactively.

It would also help to get detailed instructions on what to do after you get your new SIM card. For example, my problems did not go away with the new card; I also had to delete a bunch of backup files off my PC because when they got pulled over to the post-hard-reset Treo, the problem recurred.

Anyway, I hope everyone who is having problems with random resets while dialing, random voicemail numbers, etc, gets to the dealer for the new SIM card...