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    Has anyone run HandMap on a Visor? I tried using the NYC module and it keeps freezing the unit. (And when I do soft reset, a hard when is performed.)

    I do have HackMaster installed, but I disabled all hacks.

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    Whoa! That was a weird typo. I meant "hard one".

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    I have the HandMap for Baltimore.
    Once it refused to draw, but it otherwise didn't affect the Visor. Later it fixed itself, and I haven't had any trouble in the two weeks since.

    It might be sensitive to low RAM, how much free space do you have? (go to application launcher, open menu, select "info")
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    Nah, it's not a memory issue. I've got almost 7MB free.

    I'd experiment some more, but it's a pain reloading all my apps all the time.

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    I didn't have to do a hard or soft reset, but it didn't seem to work very well. I'd zoom out, then try to zoom in and it would give some sort of 'map not installed' error. :P Is there anything else out there?
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    I have HandMap with the Washington,DC map and have no problems. I'm running with about half of the memory in use.

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    Anything else out there? Well, there is StreetSigns, but it is kind of pricy. About $50.
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    But if you consider the cost of Handmap plus what you have to pay for maps, Streetsigns could be more cost effective. I haven't downloaded the demo of Streetsigns yet but it appears from their website that once you purchase the product, you can download any map for free. Anyone know if this is correct. Unfortutely, I couldn't see a way to verify what maps are available until you are a registered owner. This is a major problem.

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    I'm using QuoVadis from Marcosoft as a map program. I've also been playing with both Handimap and Street Signs. Street Signs is the best from a standpoint of what's available but it takes too long to load maps both from the PC to the Palm (yes I'm only using a PalmVx so can't help on Visor conflict issues) and then to load within the handheld.

    QuoVadis is a bare bones program relative to the other two but it loads fast and you can find intersections and roads very quickly. If your looking for ride along database programs functionality then I'd say use Street Signs or Street Finder from Rand McNally.

    Moose Man

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    You can see what maps are available prior to buying the software. You click on the icon (round) at the top right of the main page. It says "Map Depot" and it will allow you to view all available cities, or send an e mail to ask about a specific city.
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    sorry the above post about finding map availibility was for "street signs"

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    I just downloaded the StreetFinder demo for Palm and it looks pretty good. It seems quite a bit slower than StreetSigns, but it also appears to have much greater detail, interface options, Points of Interest, etc.
    The program itself also has a larger footprint than StreetSigns, but is within reason.

    I see it for sale at the Rand McNally website for $49. But the FAQ on their site says that there is a $20 rebate coupon available. It is also on sale right now for $34.95, and it's not clear whether the rebate can be applied to this price. It seems pretty reasonable and I'll probably get it unless I hear some real horror stories about it. Anyone care to comment?

    Also, two of the Navigate menu options are GPS and GPS Demo. But it does not say how one is to interface a GPS with the handheld? Anyone know? The FAQ for the bundled package of StreetFinder Deluxe and GPS only talks about interface to laptops. Thanks,

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    If anyone wants to purchase StreetSigns,
    I was just at CompUSA and they have Sony SkyMap2000 for 29.99 after mail-in rebate. It comes bundled with Street Signs.
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    Ignore my previous question about GPS and StreetFinder. RMC just added a link that explains that a GPS device for Palm V and III will be available in April. You can view it at:
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    I'm a little late on this thread, but I'd like to let you all know that I use Mapopolis (, it's a free map util, with tons of us cities (actually it does it by county)... most cities have complete listings of restaraunts, tourist attractions, points of interest, hospitals, airports, etc.

    hasn't ever crashed on me.
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    I'd second Mapopolis. I tried a lot of them and found Mapopolis does all I need it to do and it's free!
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    I would also like to nominate mappopolis. It's a really good program, can even find my street which is only 40 yards long.
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    Count another vote for Mapopolis
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    Thanks for the info on Mapopolis. I just downloaded it and several maps of local counties. Great Program!

    I just wish you could add map sites of your own and/or bookmark areas.
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    mapopolis is very nice, especially seing how its free. it would be nice if it marked one way streets though, and sometimes a search wont turn up a street, even though the street is on the map and searching for the same thing later finds what your looking for.
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