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    Originally posted by MHCohn:
    >Thanks for the info on Mapopolis. I just downloaded it
    > and several maps of local counties. Great Program!
    >I just wish you could add map sites of your own
    >and/or bookmark areas.

    Adding map sites of my own was what had me excited about the UbiGo mapping software that comes with the "delayed until further notice" HandyGPS. I liked the idea of being able hit the pushpin to save (and to later search for) client locations on my Visor.

    The reported ability of UbiGo to stitch adjacent maps together is also an important plus over Mapopolis.

    Maybe I should drop Nexian a line and see if they'll sell me just UbiGo?
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    Mapopolis looks pretty wicked - but does anyone know of a similar site for us poor relations across the pond?
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    Paging down, I had begun to think that maps/street plans were a purely US concern. I second a plea for equally efficient coverage of the 15 and beyond... after all, we may live here, but 1,000's of you work and visit this side of the pond as well!
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    Try Mapopolis

    I've got a ton of maps, the quality is good
    and the price is right!

    Just for grins, select all of the burger kings in Houston
    Wow! That's a lot of whoppers!

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    Originally posted by ejacobs
    and sometimes a search wont turn up a street, even though the street is on the map and searching for the same thing later finds what your looking for.

    I had this same problem, then (after a few months of using this ) I realized the problem. On the search screen, there is a select button on the bottom which i instinctively (sp?) pressed when performing a search. This would bring me to the map with nothing highlighted. The solution is to hit the 'Search' button right below the field where you enter the street name (it sounds stupid but it puzzled me for quite sometime!)
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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