Yesterday I received my BT800!

The setup was straight forward. Pairing the device was no problem.

The unit charged in about 2 1/2 hours.

The design and layout of buttons seems intuitive enough.

There is a bit of a delay when receiving calls before the BT800 starts ringing/vibrating on incoming calls - the delay was too long on one incoming call and the caller hung up before I could answer it via the headset. All these delays are adding up... 1) the cell tower delay, to find my phone and 2) the BT delay to find my headset, my 650 rang 2-3 times before the BT800 started to ring.

While on a call I found the sound quality to be very good! I was told the reception on the other end is also very good.

Now came the test of tests. Would the BT800 mute the call? In my opinion handsfree operation is troubling at best with out the ability to mute the call. I hate being on a conference call and unable to mute the call! Now would I be able to mute the call from the mute button on the BT800? And the answer is NO! Instead the mute button which also functions as the system menu button, causes a beep and brings up the system menu.

So, I called Jabra and they confirmed that the mute button does not work on the treo 650 and told me that it is PalmOne's fault and were doubtful if PalmOne would ever fix it. They also admitted that the Caller ID functionality is sporadic. I haven't yet called PalmOne to get there side of the story but I thought any considering the BT800 might want to know this much of the story.