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    According to card info:

    Application directory: 23 items, 3.1mb
    Image directory: 6 items, 78.1kb
    Audio Directory: 200 items, 738.0mb
    873.3 mb used.
    102.2 mb free of 975.6 mb.
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    I have all my games on my SD Card. (used PowerRun to move them)
    I also have photos on my Card ( used the built-in "Picture" app to move them.

    I also have reduced the size of all of my photos still on the Palm. This saved me space without affecting the display. Initially when I transferrd photos from my laptop to the Transfer app, I copy them into the Transfer app instead of dragging them. I found that dragging them actually moved them and then I no longer had them in my origianal My Pictures app on my laptop. This way I still have my original photos in My Pictures. I seldom use the Treo camera for photos since it is so inferrior or esle I'm a poor picture taker.

    Getting ready to move Mobile DB to the card next.

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    Application directory: 19 items, 5.0mb
    Image directory: 829 items, 127.7mb
    Audio Directory: 40 items, 108.9mb
    301.8 mb used.
    673.7 mb free of 975.6 mb.

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