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    What is the best solution for a 3 person office to have push email on the treo650 with exchange synchronization(my folders dont synchronize with versamail)
    Any comments on a good browser would be appreciate too
    thanks for your help
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    Look at Chatter Mail:

    There is also Good Link 4.0
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    Agreed, Chattermail is the easiest solution to work with exchange server AND get push email. All you need is to make sure Exchange has IMAP enabled on a publically accessible port.

    There are other solutions, like GoodLink that seaflipper mentions (and several desktop based solutions) that basically fetch email from Exchange Server and act as a middleman, pushing to your Treo. Most of these solutions are going to be more effort to maintain and probably cost more too (GoodLink will cost 1000 bucks a year for a 3 person office, for example).
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    thanks how about a good browser??i used blazer but its very slow noviio is good but sometimes cut part of the website any othe rnames i should try??

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