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    I'm concerned that my T650 may be soft-resetting when I have incoming calls, and I wouldn't even realize it ..

    Is there a way to log (on the handset) all soft resets, with possibly the cause for the reset?

    I noticed today (when calling my treo to test), that it flashed "your phone has incoming communications. Please release all keys" (or something like that) and reset itself. The caller (me on my landline) did not even get switched to the voicemail!!

    I have one of those Gemstar(?) SIMs. The reset does not occur a lot, biu I want to keep track of them ..

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    Yep, you can use the excellent program from 79BMedia; Crash Pro. They have a free version called Crash, but I believe you would be only interested in Crash Pro as only it has the ability to log soft resets.


    Great stuff, I am a happily registered user and have used this excellent software on a few different Palms. (a little too frequently on my Treo 650, I might add...)

    Good Luck

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